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20% increase

Guest lee.

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Our local TV news ( Midlands) today reported that one of the few trades that are doing well in the current economic crisis is the Shoe Repair Trade , with reports of a 20% increase in buisness for Cobblers .

Not sure who they have been talking to , definetly wasnt us ! , Doom and Gloom in the media seems to be having the opposite effect , our 2 local rival Shoe Retailers ( Shoezone and Jonathon James ) seem to be having hard times as well , one offering a buy one get one pair get the 2nd half price , the other now doing buy one get one free ! , even the local charity shop is giving 50% off on all boots and shoes !.

Customers are even thinking twice about spending £2.99 on a spare Key , telling us they are just checking the price and may come back next week if they can afford it .

May be good press for us , the fact that the trade gets a mention on TV (again) , may also make the public think that we can afford to offer discounts as the TV says we are all doing so well.

Not sure about you all , but we are definetly Down on takings at present , with no sign of a flood of winter boots coming in through the door yet .

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i had one of our local radio stations come to see me today( BBC Coventry & Warwickshire ) to do a piece on the credit crunch and shoe repairs. Seems like all the media are jumping on this one now which is good news for all of us i have seen a small increase in repairs coming in and so have other independents in Coventry i have spoken to . Even the young lady doing the interview brought in 2 pairs to fix, yes i did charge her

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with refrance to the above article,there was a 20 sec slot on the bbc national news ,regarding (regarding the winners and loosers in a recesion )the 20% increase in figures ,if you listned to the shoe repair shop owner /manager ,he actually stated his turnover was up 20% on the previous week not year...and if you think about all shoe repair shops should be,as its the first week of OCTOBER most folk do sort out there winter shoes etc in this week that have been collecting cobwebs in the cupboard from the end of last winter, it was made to seem as if he was refering to last years figures as a whole(sky plus dont u just love it)..but it was still good to see a article about shoe repairs on national tv..does us all a little favour..there are people out there that dont have morgages credit cards hp..finance ..i owe yous, loan shark loans,and live on the never never..so the recesion will only affect them a fraction compared to most.........................if you are like me and have seen it all before..and you thought this day would never come..........thats more fool you.


ppps anyone lend me a fiver .............. :-{{{ xxxx

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here's an opportunity if ever I saw one! NEXT TIME someone from the media come in tell them your up 50% on repairs, it will make the story more interesting & make national interest even bigger!


Shoe Zone have just brought out shoe express & shoe express had a huge excess stock, with a poor stock control system. Its my understanding they are clearing this stock, hence good deals.



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With reference to previous posts, I think you'll find that they received 'Media' packs during the run up to the cycle challenge, which were sent to all relevant parties. This would no doubt have raised the profile and drawn attention to the 'repair them, don't dump them' campaign! :D


All this interest is good for the trade and should not be frowned upon [-X Make the most of it and it could see you through a very difficult trading period :wink:



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