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training manual required?

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never heard of one unless timpsons or minit ever produced one (minit unlikely as they didnt have many 700s) or there may be some info in the manual supplied with 700s, perhaps standards or someone has one to look at or upload? i will check if we have but i dont remember seeing one


this is not the first case i have heard of of being sued after an accident, one other involved a completely stupid act on the part of the employee but they may stilll get compensation as it is cheaper than fighting it. wrong wrong wrong.

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souns like this case, guy was fooling aroung scratched finger, few days later was kicked out. then in retaliation claiming, my broker says it costs more to defend

thing is after all assessors have called it dont look as he has any chance (luckily. hopefully) so his side have now come up with this request!

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Am I right in thinking you have Whitfield 700? Mine was supplied with "operating instructions" NO training manual was ever issued with the machine.


The "operating instructions" would at least show that the machine was running correctly at the time of the incident.


I have copied the manual (1992) & added it to the downloads section.


http://www.shoerepairer.info/index.php? ... w&iden=103



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As a matter of interest, when this 'ex employee' scratched his fingers, did you record it?


yes keith, i put it in my accident book almost straight away, also followed up with a nurses report who called in a few days later (regular customer) and let the insurer know that he was working as a cleaner couple of days later from leaving - as helpful as i could be!

thing is all this is time consuming! my insurer was impressed i am pleased to say, as he stated if 'procedures are not followed the insurer passes the buck to the employer'

in fact with all the hassle i even considered 'selling up' - legal paperwork that we have to do can be is a very lonely corner to be in, and cause sleepless nights and worry that you wonder if you have followed all the legalalities properley.

so please beware, even if you are a Ltd company - they will kick your ass if you get it wrong!

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