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Middle soling

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Who supplies middle soling please?


2 - 3 mm sheeting plain rubber / micro / eva.

Davies used to supply excellent sheeting, no more.

Plain 3mm Deelite was good.

Used to get by with 3 mm eva.


Now my suppliers can't supply a thing.


I do a reasonable amount of units, which properly require a stitched middle prior to the unit.


I can scour down 4 mm, but its not the same, plus it is time and work. How do others cope?

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Many of the midsole eva ,Deelite and rubber sheets were Surplus products from other jobs ,Deelite sheets were made pattern both sides in @ 20 mm thickness , these were then split into 2 x 10mm , 1x 12mm 1x 8 mm etc , thin plain Deeite was essentially a scrap sheet produced when doing this in other combinations that did not use the full thickness,Davis used to hold much of there EVA in similar thickness's , splitting down to customers requirements, and throwing up similar sheets .

3 mm resin may be your only option , not the cheapest way of doing the job , but probably all that is availiable.

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Bontex and all similar derivaties ( normally made by Texon Group) are insole Boards, made from a combination of pressed Wood/Paper Pulp fibres and other materials, intail enquiry was aimed at midsoles for Mens footwear , often used prior to fitting a bottom sole unit.

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