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If I find a tarnished or dirty key, I just go over it with a wire brush.


We have had quite a few customers who have walked away because we don't have a key available in the same metal as theirs!


Don't you have it in gold colour mate?


No i say, these keys are only available in steel.


Well, this ones gold coloured...


I have steel.....


No, I want gold coloured. I'll try elsewhere.


(Ten minutes later)

Scuse me mate, yours are cheaper, can I have one cut? They don't do gold neither!!!!



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Hi guys, I was wondering what you guys use to brighten up your older keys that have gone dull. For the brass keys I use Cilit bang, then finish off with brasso and for steel keys I just use warm soapy water, though that does'nt really get them sparkling.





Just use a Nylon brush - I guess on your key machine ..


If not - Wire will do .



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