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Caroline hammering the arse of an elf with a rubber

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I have been uploading pictures all weekend & this was slotted in the middle of them all!

I can only imagine an incorrect camera setting caught a light hearted moment, but I wasn't going to let them get away with it that easily!


For those who don't know Caroline she's the owner of forum sponsors "shoe string" & was one of the organisers, helpers & cyclists on the challenge. & now youtube porn hunters favorite!



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I very much regret that it was me who had the camera on the wrong setting. The Elf, aka Dave "Muddy" Lake was a great sport and had already done one 20 stretch on Monday , another 20 stretch on Tuesday as well as turning up late at night to chauffeur one of his customers home (who had also done a 20 section) . Well done Muddy!!! . Also Well done to his customer Alan Parks who cycled 20 miles in almost pitch darkness and up some horrendous hills to get to Worthing and still arrived with a smile on his face.


Following a number of persuasive enquiries Caroline and I regret that we are unable to perform this particular act at private functions or anywhere else (unless you up the fee of course)

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