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Now believed to be manufactured in South Africa. Like most other products nowadays profit comes before quality.

Price per pack is of the prime importance.

Increase the quality & you increase the price resulting in a sales drop, increase the qaulity and lose sales through price. Lower the quality and lose sales due to poor products, either way they cant win :)

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Do not Quote me on this , but you will find that when the Phillips Factory in Manchester closed a few years ago , selected moulds were sent to South Africa ( Phillips were not the only Heel Maker to go down this path) for production to continue there , however many of these Moulds dated back to the 1950s ( with the exception of the "No 1" logo Mens Heels), and as you can imagine were well past there sell by date . South African production was soon abandoned due to both production and Quallity issues , not to mentionlack of Skills , Civil unrest ,and export incentives being dropped by the S.A government .

The large cost of having New moulds laid down for the whole range of Products was no longer economically viable , with the UK market being dominated by foriegn imports from Italy and Far Eastern manufacturers.

You may find that it was a "if you cannot beat them join them" scenario and the limited range Phillips Branded items are now also produced at a price in China , hence the limited range available , and changes in Quality.

I can assure you that these are not the only products from many well known Manufacturers that find there way into our shops that start life in some Far off place finally ending up on our shores , the rapid decline in UK based manufacturing , and the fact that we now trade in a "Global Market" has influenced the production of a lot of items that we use and sell.

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Thanks for bring us up to date smmultiservices.

Anyone going down the road of having moulds made should consider reducing the size range but use the logo in such a way as to be able to cut off excess without going into the logo.

Cant see the need for more than 3 sizes though those who cant sharpen a knife may argue differently.

Nowt wrong in having the moulds made in China or Spain or Slovakia and making the heels anywhere that can supply your desired quality from your moulds.

Spain & Italy have excellent Rubber technology on hand.

Chinese factories are good at getting the samples right but the mass production articles are a different story, or rather they were some years ago, doubt if that has changed. :)

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Waist, as in Waistline, as in does my waist look big in this!!!!

Talking of "Waste" it is not enviromentally friendly to have many sizes sitting on shelf waiting to be used when the size is right!!! it has cost many megawatts of energy producing those maybe used maybe not used sizes.


As for Global Warming I think it is a load of total crap.

We look at things in the wrong perspective.

Cows generate more gasses passed into the atmosphere than all the Industrial output of the whole world combined.

Do we shoot the cows, and if we do how do we dispose of the putrification gasses?

The situation that we are going through now happens every 50 years or so, I've lived through previous ones where coal Gas was blamed for the increase of the worlds temperature when the Tarmac on the roads melted and you could fry an egg on the pavement.

What will be will be, no enviro"mental"ist will change that fact. The whole of Europe can fall into line with whatever ideas the scientists and planners come up with but do you seriously think that Russia, China, America, Africa, and all the developing countries will give a toss about your wellbeing?


If global warming gives us more sunshine, less rain, less snow, less frost, less freezing b.ll.cks then bring it on.

I was brought up in an era when it was the norm to wake up with iceicled 6 foot long hanging off the gutters, your tongue sticking to the windows trying to remove frost on the inside, having to dig your way to the bread and milk drop at the end of the street. Do I want a return to those days,,,,,,,,, not on your bloody nelly.


Conservation, stick it up yer jacksie.

Conservation for pensioners, bring it on baby :D

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As for Global Warming I think it is a load of total crap.




i wasn't referring to global warming, i meant waste as in landfill and diminishing resources which my children will bear the brunt of when they're adults :!:


i don't know why but in my experience most people over 40 couldn't give a toss about the environment because as far as they see it they won't be here to worry about it when the shit really hits the fan, a bad and selfish attitude.



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this is a can of worms ascap you could say the biggist contributer to land fill and diminishing resources is progress for example how many times have you updated your moblie phone ,car , television, or any other consumable pruduct simply becouse you wanted yhe new or improved version even though the old one still works perfectly well , ido not know if you have a family but if you have ask yourself this did you use disposable nappys which went to landfill or did you use the terrytoweljng ones

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Mmmmmm.... and what happened to that well known prediction that the world will end in the year 2000 :D


Land Fill !!!!!!!! Poppycock... Whatever they put into landfill had to come from somewhere... now whats happening to that space....we must be heading for a huge vacuum that will implode and suck us all into it.


There is no need on this earth to have laces in plastic packs but you have them!!!!

There is no need to make shoes out of animal skins but you wear them and service them.

How many thousands of square miles of tunnels lie under the roads and fields that you walk upon.

How many millions of square metres of dissused quarry space is there around the country filling up with water to drown kids in.


Most waste can be recycled, it was done so by our council 35 years ago all the glass/paper/tin/wood/greens were seperrated and compost made from the compostable material. The scemme actually made a profit from the sale of the metals/glass/paper and bagged compost. Very little went into land fill sites, only a handfull of seagulls could exist on the scraps that were left.

What happened to it...locals near to the proccessing plant complained about everything, just like those going to live in a house near to a Church then complaining about the Bells.

Or those wanting to leave city life for an idilic life in the country just like me... then complaining about fox hunts..tractors slowing them down on the roads...cow muck...and do they support the local shops.... no they drive 15 miles to the supermarket and load up with prepacked everything.

Then there are those who cant be bothered to cook a meal from fresh veg, they buy takeaways in plastic trays that dont rot away.


Rubber and Leather can be recycled, there need be no waste just like so many products but we as a country to only what we have to as laid down by Brussels.


All Plastic is reusable but none is collected by our council, it goes to landfill... now an unknown millions of soft drinks bottles in Litre and 2 litre sizes are going to land fill full of air... now that takes up a lotta space.


I compost everything compostable and use it. 6 CWT per year.

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