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Cleaning Satin Shoes

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Usual story. The ladies buy satin shoes for the wedding and after they've trudged round the wet muddy grassed area at the hotel for the pics, they are filthy.

Then they come to us and ask what they can clean them with.

So, is there anything on the market that does the job effectively?

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Stick em in a bowl of warm water with washing up liquid or kitchen cleaner if you supect grease is on there. Give em a scrub with a soft brush then allow to dry on a a pair of shoe trees, Weak solution of bleach will remove grubby areas that cant be cleaned using proprietory cleaners, then wash out with plain water and dry.

Done thousands this way before dying for bridesmaid dress matching.



Warning... Do not put paper inside.. or any printed material while they are drying as the print will come off onto the shoe.

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My missus went to Ascot (ladies Day) she had a brand new pair of satin shoes on. When she came back they were totally trashed, champagne,grass stains the lot, they were light green.


I told her she would never get them back to a wearable state......wrong, very wrong. she stole :twisted: some seude and fabric shampoo. And I must admit she got them back as good as new. and I mean good as new, I couldn't believe it. Every single mark came off them.


So for me, no risky bleach and soaking in water, I'd use this product every time, no mess and no fuss, job done :wink:

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