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Chris wilson runs the Berlin Marathon

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Chris Wilson is rather madly going to be running the Berlin Marathon on the 28th September Running in aid of Children in need & the cycling challenge total


Please visit:- http://www.shoerecycling.co.uk/index.php?categoryid=14


To sponsor him, I have kicked things of by sponsoring him £20.00, good luck Chris =D> (you idiot!) 8-[


Chris Marathon 1 (307 x 212).jpgWhen my older brother Tony asked me to join his 50th Birthday Celebration of course I said yes straightaway. He then told me he was celebrating it by running the Berlin Marathon with a big party afterwards, to which I replied that I would see him at the party!


However two weeks earlier on 5th – 9th September the whole shoe repair trade is coming together for an around Britain Cycle Event in aid of Children in Need taking two bicycles from Aberdeen to Lyme Regis one down the East and one down the West.


As I have volunteered to cycle a couple of twenty mile sections a small amount of training and losing a few pounds in weight had already started. Then I heard about Sir Ranulph Fiennes doing seven marathons in seven days over seven continents in his sixties and shortly after a heart by pass operation and I thought “don’t be such a wimp Wilson of course you can run a marathon, this is a great opportunity to boost the Children in Need pot”.


Registration forms completed a £100.00 wager with my brother to our respective charities on who will come first and off we go……


I am not very good at asking for sponsorship, but all I will say is that Children in Need is a great cause for which we as a trade are aiming to raise over £20,000.00 and all the money I raise will go towards this target.


The other main point is that this is a one off I won’t be asking for sponsorship in any future marathons….so please give generously!


You can either make your donation on line on www……..? or post a cheque made out to – Cutting Edge and post to:


Chris Wilson

Care of Charles Birch Ltd

4 Brown Lane West


LS12 6BH


When making a donation please be sure to leave your details so that I can write to you personally after the event to thank you for your support and confirm that I actually did it and give details of my extremely slow time….but quicker than my brother!


Many thanks



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Chris Wilson completed the Berlin Marathon on Sunday & the money he raised has gone towards the cycling challenge total.

Chris completed the run in 5h 19m 24s and appeared quite happy to have beaten his brother!



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