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help needed please

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i have repaired this case for a local business man he admits he puts far to much weight in it but thats what he needs it for. as you can see from the pic i replaced the bit that holds the handle on but i got the part from colledgens but it only has the fold out metal part to hold it on.Any idea where i can get the same part but with the screw on type fitting so i can strenghten it with a large trophy plate underneath with two holes then screw on from inside.



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It's come off because the tabs have been bent outwards instead of inwards (overlapping each other) much stronger bent inwards.

Did you use a plate underneath?

good idea i never thought about bending them in the way i had used a scrap of trophy plate with 2 holes drilled in it. i will pop a new one in in the morning and bend inwards as i ordered a pair anyway and only needed one. if that no good ill try one of the companys mentioned above.

thanks for all the help.


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or even better, solder the tabs closed and to the plate underneath.



I can just imagin novices soldering a "Bridge" bag costing 400 quid and burning the leather through,ooops :D :D


thanks for all the advise job done now bent in the way with a larger trophyplate and super glued. customer collected it today and was over the moon with it.


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