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Sending a possible customer to the site.

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Hi folks,


I recently bought a replacement fob for my Megane off eBay. I only needed a certain part of it which meant I didn't need to have it programmed. Another ebayer has contacted me (seems he has checked my buying history) to ask where I got it programmed as he has been quoted £160 by Renault to program the one he has bought.


I will be sending the chap to the site if that's ok. I'm not too sure of the technicalities of programming fobs so i thought it better to defer to the masters.





Oh, I have a couple of pics from a shoe repairer in Fuengirola to upload soon. The shop was totally sparse but seemed busy.

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Your spot on Tel, i get them all the time, but very rarely do them as i explain first that i will want paying if there remote dosn't work or i can provide a new remote that will work.

I've noticed lots of people selling Rover fobs old insides in a new case :D


The Renault fob does cost £160.00 but this includes the fob, if he just wanted a key programmed they would charge him 1/2 labour which would be around £50.00 depending on where in the country he is, but it's all pretty pointless as it will not work anyway unless the fob really is brand new and is the correct type for that year of vehicle.

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