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Leather thonging

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Hi, I'm looking for leather thonging or laces, about 1-1.5mm thick in all different colours, the other half has taken up jewellery along with the other million out there. looking to add colour beads and the like onto this. she can get from local bead shop at 75p a meter, but wants to buy in bulk, as with ebay and other sites all roughly the same price as local shop, the shop won't tell her where they get there supply, :( .


Any ideas???


No wise cracks about the thonging pls I've already got a thick ear for that one :lol: :lol:

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the other half has taken up jewellery along with the other million out there.

Doesn't matter, the advantage you've got is a shop to sell it from. Rhiannon makes cards, which she sells to a shop in Wales & also from a stand in ours. We don't sell loads, but enough to make the "hobby" worth while.



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Try these...http://www.palmermetals.co.uk/StringingMaterials/GreekLeatherCord/default.aspx


A friend of mines daughter runs a stall on our local market and runs kids parties making beaded jewellery.Earns about £150 per week and is 13 years old.She gets all her beads and stuff imported from China.Pays so much less than this country only problem is waiting 2 or 3 weeks for delivery so good stock control needed!!


this is her website..http://www.buzzybeadz.co.uk/

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Finally remembered to ask Rhiannon where she gets all her jewelry making stuff from & here's the link




get them to send you a catalogue, I'm sitting here as we speak looking at this one & its full of knick knacks your missus will want!


Thonging:- blk,yellow,natural,pink,orange,green,brown & Royal in both 1mm & 2mm



No prices on the site, but the thonging @ 2007 catalogue prices is 1mm £8.42 & 2mm £8.97 for 50mts!


also of interest might be clasps & fasteners http://www.jomil.co.uk/pdf/44.pdf




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