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Shoe Balance ???

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Had a babe customer in today. Had a pair of Miss Sixty shoes with 2 1/2 heel. She was 'going over' on one of the shoes. I checked the shank but it was OK. When I put it on a flat surface it does appear to rock. Seems as if the sole is not sat squarely on the surface thus allowing the rocking. I suggested she try to contact the company to see what they say. I don't think she was keen to do this, probably due to her being Polish and her English 'no so good'. Any ideas folks?

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I have come across this problem on a number of occasions, and most of the time there isn't a lot can be done. You can put it down to bad manufacturing.

Sometimes its because the shoe is twisted and other times because the balance between sole and heel is incorrect. the most common is because the sole itself is rounded, very difficult to cure, and I wouln't recomend trying (can of worms)


Some women are good at walking on these badly made shoes and some aren't. I would suggest that it stays a retailers problem and not yours.. :wink:

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Thanks for the prompt replies guys.

Sorry Hugh when I said it rocks it was from side to side.

I've had this problem with an Equity dance shoe. I returned it and received a credit note, but no explanation as to what the problem was.

I guess I should have got this cusomer to try them on so I could check them for her, especially as she wears ridiculously short skirts.

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i would only recomend it as a last resort especially if she isn't going to take them back.you would need to explain to her the pros & cons of doing it then leave it up to her,you never know she may go for it & think the jobs the best thing since sliced bread(whatever that means) & you get a customer for life all because you took the time to explain the job to her

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Guest sarsden_boy

In my opinion there could be one of two things wrong,


1> The shank is in twist but still at the correct pitch.


2> The shank may not be running paralell with the inboard of the shoe ( the shank is fixed in the centre at the top but as it runs down towards the sole its not in the centre to the left or the right.



When you say you checked the shank, did you just put some pressure on it to see if it was broke, or strip out the inboard to check its position????

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I did the pressure test on it.

She came to pick up her other shoes and I tried to explain about

quality and Trading Stanfards but I don't think she was impressed with my chat up


I may suggest that I look at them for her with the proviso that it's her risk.

I only see her every 3 months though, so they'll have been binned by then I suppose.

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