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raise support form - 087 window lock key.

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I received this via the contact form today


Name: jean wilson




Comments: I am looking for a Froma 087 key (reverse pattern to the 088). Very short of cash have broken my last kee and I am slowly locking myself in. Does any one have any suggestions of where I can obtain a key. 088 available everywhere but my windows take the 087.


Fingers crossed


I have looked in the Davenports book & although the 088 is listed there doesn’t appear to be a reverse. I thought it would be a simple case of making one, but with the key being a gauge size 10, I Haven’t a blank that I can use.


Any ideas?



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I have some of them as well, but the bit looked just marginally smaller, and not being familiar with the window lock didn't know how critical it would be.

Since this isn't a customer at my counter & the key would include postage & account fees I didn't want to get in the realms of trying keys on the off chance so to speak.



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