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phase inverter or rotary converter?

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I need some help in choosing a new phase converter.Do i go with a tried and tested rotary or try an electronic inverter.

What do you guys use and what would you recommend,for's and against's.single to 3 phase.


thanks in advance for your help



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It does depend on what machine you are running as I would recomend different converters for different machines. Some are better combinations.


For example, running a Power Unit on a static converter is something I would not advise, although it has been done :?


Also, it depends on your budget, Rotary are more expensive, but ultimately more reliable in our experience



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personally i would go with an invertor now, much smaller, quieter and more reliable. but be careful, you must get one that doesnt need you to change all your motors from star to delta (if you are confused already wait till you try doing it). and if the hardo has a nuetral for a single phase supply (not sure on your model, if it has 4 wires from supply then no 5 wires then yes) you may need some extra wiring to be done but it is all worth the hassle in the end.

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Yes, the Doctor snaps the key for his Tardis on the planet Zonk and Tel200 travels through time to save him.



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