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Just had a customer in with a pair of church's shoes,

He had them repaired by church's and wasn't to happy with them. They haven't lasted. The soles don't look very worn but the welt is falling apart and the heel block has a couple of nails showing thru :(


Has anyone else come across this?


I have contacted church's and asked them if they still repair there own shoe's, I was told they do and they don't farm them out. Does anyone know this to be the truth? They have asked the customer to take the shoes back into there London store for them to be returned to them. Customer isn't sure tho, O and no sorry or an ything from them.




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Quite a few Retailers of "Church" shoes some years ago took the shoes off the customer and send them to their own recommended repairer.

They charged Church prices and pocketed the difference, customers were unaware of the practice.

I've seen Church repair dept in action and it aint a repair, its a full remaking proccess with automactic welting and insole replacement, including relining the uppers if needed. Boxed and repturned you would not know them from a new pair apart from the usual wearer caused marks of the uppers and a few creases that the Wrinkle chaser has been unable to remove. Quality is second to none.

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are you sure he had them done at church's or did he take them to a jones shop and was told they were going to be sent to church's for repair. the place i know who does repairs for jones strips them to the welt, rewelting where needed and puts through soles on that are supplied by jones to make them look original but they are not the only repairer working for them.

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