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sublimation help

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does anyone here know why i get misting/residue on shiny metal objects after i've sublimated them?


cheers, rick.


i got a blury effect on polished silvery trophy plates i now press for 3 minutes at 300 degrese instead of 400 degrese for 90 seconds and i use the same burn proof paper that i use on mugs.I get the burnproof paper from sublination


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I've always found that cooking it for longer can leave the edges blurry or the image slightly fuzzy.


You shouldn't need that much pressure to sublimate as all you are doing is turning the inks into gas which then fuse in to the coating of the surface you are pressing on, but obviously there needs to be a certain amount. Getting it right can be the awkward bit, especially if you are using a manual heat press which I'm guessing you are.


Talking of which, if it is manual, have you tried not putting pressure on at all? I.e. just releasing the plate and letting it rest on the metal? Worth a bash, but we are on an automatic one so it's really a guess, but I'm sure the guys at Xpres did this once in a demo I saw at Trophex.

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