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Help with Tigris & Fab keys

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Hi Guys,


Two for the price of one today, I cannot find these in any of my books (sks, birch, silca, rst or davenports)

any ideas, also had a Arrone cylinder key in yesterday, but have no pics, was quite complicated and newly fitted to a local supermarket so they would like 26 copies if i can get them.







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...or me, I hate um, duplicate it using the correct profile when available, or not at all [-X


you'd turn the work away? :o


No way Rick, I'd cut onto the correct profile. Not forgetting I'm a professional key cutter.


Don't get me wrong....I do stock universal profiles to be used as a last resort.

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Not only that, but there is no one more gratefull than a customer who has been told no chance elsewhere when after a key for their mobility scooter and they come to you and you take the time to make a nissan key fit. Every week i improvise to get motorbikes and padlocks with working spare keys where no body else can be bothered to try.

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