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Now this is a longshot [-o<

An old chap brought a yale 555 deadlock into me this week and asked if i could make some keys to it, i have been onto Yale to ask if they have a set of levers and a key for it, but, aparently this lock is now obsalete.

So this is where you come in, has anyone out there got any levers and keys to a Yale 555, if so could you pm me and i will gladly pay for them. Just want to make this old guys day, the lock is in prestine condition and would be a shame to let a piece of English engineering go to waste.


Many Thanks

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Use your mortice key machine,

Take all levers out,

Cut down end of key bit until it fits it bolt tallon

Then put first lever back in cut key down until it operates this lever

Do the same for remaining levers and you have a working key.

Very simple :D


You can of course use a file but i find it easier using a mortice machine as the blade will more or less give you the spacing.


i've never taken this lock apart but you may get lucky and find the levers are stamped then you will be able to buy the pre cut key ( which is what i was trying to say in my previous post)

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Adding text to pictures :? , thats your department Tel, i had 6 attempts at uploading a picture in the recent Royal safe topic and got know where. :D


I'm pretty sure if the "Key Cabin" took the lock apart, had a good think about what he's trying to achive and followed the basic instructions i provided he will get it done.

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Can i just start by thanking you all for your invaluable input into this topic =D> .

You will be glad to hear that i took my arse off the seat and give it a go, and hey presto after 5 keys i had got it sorted.

It is like all things in life if you dont know ask, get the relevent info then have a go.

The old chap was over the moon and is now a regular.


Many thanks to all. =D> =D> =D>

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