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cutting laminate

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I normally do but I decided to get some bigger sheets which the company cut into quarters for me.I wanted to cut a strip 8"x1.5". I was holding the sheet on the flatbed with a gripmat underneath and it didnt grip,the sheet moved and broke me router cutter :? :twisted:


Had to cut with a hacksaw and tidy edges up with me scouring band.


Just thought there must be an easier way till I get some pennies together...

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i gave up trying to cut the cheap way i tried rough cutting with a jig saw to a managable size then cut shapes out on the engraving machine. try using engravers tape rather than a stcky mat when cutting out. You can not beat a varga saw and beveler you will get your money back in no time compared to buying all plates precut.


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Have a look at item number 150265725404 on ebay. Quick and easy to cut laminate. Or get a small bench saw, put a good quality laminate blade (gomex blade not cheap but very good quality) put masking tape on both sides (to stop scratching)

Or get an old screw driver, grind the end to a V shape bend slightly and you have a laminate scribe. Score a few times, bend and snap.

Hope this helps


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if you're going to go the bandsaw way, you need a blade at least 5/8" wide to get fairly successful straight cuts, even with a solid rip fence as thin blades are more prone to wandering. the wider the blade the better! also, go for a blade with as many teeth per inch as you can as the more teeth, the finer the cut.


blades designed to leave a fine cut on metal are ideal but don't always come in wide sizes unfortunately.


if you're cutting a lot of material then keep an eye on the temperature of the blade as you don't want to be melting your laminates.



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