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Help opening a safe please.

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I've recently bought a safe off my sister's fella. He's had it for over ten years and has supplied the combination and the key.


Only problem is, he can't remember the sequence to open it but has the original piece of paper with the combination on it


It's a Royal Safe. All I have is 4R to 12, 3L to 18, 2R to 83 and 1L to 95. I've tried many different ways to open it. Is there a method i'm not using which could open this darn thing?

I've tried 4 turns right to twelve and then 3 left turns to 18 etc but to no avail.


As soon as I can crack the sequence I can flog it!!




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I had a smaller safe which required a minimum of 3 turns to the left to 'clear' the pins?


I'll try it with 4 full turns before hitting the 12 Hibs.


See how I get on. If not, then Stutheshoe may have the answer :)

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Try this,

dial right past 12 four times stop exactly on 12 the 5th time you see it,


dail left past 18 three times stop excatly on 18 the 4th time you see it


dail right past 83 twice stop exactly on 83 the 3rd time you see it.


dail left past 95 once stop exactly on 95 the second time you see it.


If not your orginal method maybe correct,


This is a very cheap and nasty "strong box" the wheels are held on with a split pin and the lock by a circlip , when you dail the combo you line up the gate of the wheels then turning the key moves the bolt work back to allow it to open.


It not uncommon for the circlip to come off so the wheels are in line the key truns but the bolt work dosn't move.


Does the key trun 360 deg?


Try dailing combo then turning it on it's side (hinge side on the floor) give it a good hiding with a rubber hammer also shaking the living day lights out of it may help :D

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