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Singer Service Manuals

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I've got a 29k58, similiar to a 29k62, an can get user manuals and parts manual, but bugger if I can find a service manual either to buy or download online!! Anybody out there got one? Similiar to a haynes, strip down and rebuild?? Been looking now for over a month. Cheers Guys..


Its the bobbin thread keeps bunching up and tearing in bobbin, checked everything and I'm totally stumped :cry: :cry:

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Singer USA have already forwarded the forum the only manuals they hold for these earlier machines & they are available for download with there permission here on the forum.


Manuel 1. For the singer 27K 70 includes sections on


    Setting the needle
    Regulating tensions
    Adjustments & mechanics


Manuel 2. For the singer 27K 62 includes all the above sections but also includes some trouble shooting tips


Sadly whilst not very comprehensive they seam to be all that is available at the moment.



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we also have an instruction manuals in the downloads for the slightly later 29k62, 29k70 & 29k71/73, but its still essentially the same machine throughout its various incarnations.

http://shoerepairer.info/files/file/366-29k62pdf/ (29k62)


http://shoerepairer.info/files/file/376-29k70pdf/ (29k70)


http://shoerepairer.info/files/file/385-singer-29k71-73-instruction-manual-useful-for-all-modelspdf/ (29k71-73)

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