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Lots of info, lots of services...but the site is a bit of a car crash for me. Big blank spaces on pages, no organisation, looks like you made it up as you went along.

Try to keep the same theme throughout the site.

A white background is never very pleasing on the eye, especially when there are large blank spaces, colours are very important, and must be maintained throughout the site. Red Blue And green is not a good mix.

It is said you have about 5 seconds before a visitor leaves your site through lack of interest, so your homepage is very important, and yours isn't very interesting or pleasing on the eye, very bland and amature looking...sorry.


Your services bar at the top of your page would be better in "tabs" as visitors are more likely to click on tabs than a less obvious plain bar, silly but a fact.

just a few pointers for you to concider Lee. :idea:


Try to keep all your images the same size on each page, this looks more professional, and less untidy.


You have all the makings of an excellent shop window Lee, and I'll look forward to the refurb.

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Save yourself the effort.


I like the "effort" :roll:


The "effort" is what gave me the skills to bring the trade the forum! I've never said I'm the best or that my sites are the best they can be, but they ain't the worst either!


They are however good enough for the "customers" who use my web services :D


I have already taken on board Uk's comments & am planning my "next" cobb-lees site!



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Well did'nt I deserve that!!!

1. I was unaware that Lee was the web master

2. I really did not word it well, what I should have said was if you needed help then I am sure my son would have helped (with a bit of gentle persuation from me)

3. Like the photos

4. I don't care

5.That all I expect from certain individuals

6.Why pick on the fat balding guy in the clowns outfit called coco

7. Thats not my website ha ha (it might be attached to me, but is sponsored by the owner of this business)

8. I am in the process in doing a management buyout and my web site is just waiting to be launched on the day I take over.

9. Did I say I was sorry about dissing Lees 'efforts' as a web designer

10. Next I can take it

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  • 4 months later...

It took me a few months to get round to it but I have just spent every spare minute of the last week re-building my shops web site!


The first thing I did was go through our members list & open up every single web site listed (about 120!)

Then I closed all the wholesalers, closed all the locksmiths (it has to be said that the Locksmiths sites are head & shoulders above the repairers sites!)

I also disregarded those offering an engraving on-line site so that I had just those who like me are using their website as an electronic business card.


I then closed down all the sites I simply didn’t like or looked amateur & was left with this list of sites that I felt looked good or complete!


Sites I liked (in no particular order)













These two deserve a special mention, the first although not repairs, has such a striking heading that pair of shoes really jump out at you.



And this one has a unique way of enticing you in, whoever I couldn’t read it! lol





One thing all but one of the above sites has in common is the error page (Commonly known at the 404 error page), which is simply missing or has little attention paid to it, leaving the visitor on either a blank page or completely out in cyber space!

This is the page a visitor gets to should they use an old out of date link or type in the page wrongly & in my view is one of the most important pages for a site, I have made a dedicated page for errors, try typing in this




You will be re-directed to my 404 error page.


I decided to take on board all the “Simon Cowell” comments UK had made & attempted to build a site that looked “classy” whether I have achieved this remains to be seen. But I think the site is more organized & reflects my business in a better way.


Take a look & tell me what you think




Was it worth the “effort” Thoughts?



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