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hand held engraver

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can any one help i am after a hand held engraver - NOT the cheap 19-99 B & Q type, the dentist drill type.

i have owned one for years and its broke beyond repair, but trying to find a new one very difficult. i have been using the B & Q thing but it keeps 'popping' which is quite a pain.


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I find Dremels crap for hand engraving, too much play in the motor, the bur is usually too far away from were you hold the thing, bit like holding a pencil half way up, and the powers all wrong apart from that they're great LOL


K4MRC, I may have a dentist drill in my garage, I'll have a look and let you know... :D



i agree with planet uk900 but in the early 90s when i worked with minit some shops had a dremmel with a long rubber hose type atachment onn the end you could then hang the dremmel on the key board and use the extension hose thing to engrave better than holding the dremmel. never liked them though i would not go past a computerised engraver i do everything on it even cheap dog tags.


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