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motorbike leather zip

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(i hope this is the right place for this topic,)


customer came in today for motorbike leather trouser zip replacement.

now i usually charge about 2-50 per inch, no problem stated the customer i was staggered,

and when i said £25-00 and he said the last shop wanted £80-00

and wanted up to 4 weeks!

and this is the bit i fell over laughing, they also stated it wouldn't be a very good job!

i have never in all my years heard someone running any kind of repair business with a statement like this, saying "the job will be crap - take it or leave it!"

i can understand trying to overprice a job not to do it when busy, but to say your work isnt/cannot be up to any decent standard - takes the biscuit.

just say if you dont want the work,

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