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RST breeze (and general questions)

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Guest rock_ten

Hi. Has anyone here ever used, seen, or heard much about, the RST breeze?


It can be seen here:


http://www.key-cutting-machines.co.uk/b ... chines.php


I was going to get a couple of second-hand cutting machines and a load of blanks but the seller has given it to someone else, unfortunately. Now that I've got the idea in my head I'm thinking of still giving it a go. I've asked after the machines for sale on this forum, so maybe I can still get something decent.


Otherwise, I wonder how worthwhile it might be to get the RST breeze and some starter key boards.


I don't have a shop, I was thinking of advertising locally and cutting them "in the garage". I've applied for access to a few suppliers, with varied success.


If anyone here is willing to talk to me about stuff then I'd very much appreciate it, as I'm a total beginner here!


Thanks a lot



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Hey Joe,

Get yourself a Tempest Plus from SKS,

I use one on the road to great effect.

For more info & price contact "Technical John" an SKS empolyee on this forum.


Our very popular selling key machine designed for portable or occasional use.


Works from 220v power supply. Suitable for cutting both cylinder and mortice keys by changing the wheel and follower. Both wheels supplied as standard.


This Plus model includes an additional right hand wheel for greater control.


Replacement Cutters:

OC005 for Cylinder

OC006 for Mortice

JC025 for Code Cutting


Size: 320 x 240 x 150mm


Weight: 5KG



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Thanks for the hint on the SKS Tempest machine , (As above)


Here is a link for it ... http://skskeys.co.uk/products/product_details.php?id=24


On the side of the Breeze - When they 1st came out - we purchased a couple - took us around 1 - 2 years just to sell them ! and we have never purchased any more :?


If you want to do a full set up (and cheap) have a look at the Cyclone deal we offer - this will set you up with Cylinder and Mortice and supplied with key stock as well . Have a look at this link - as it may be something that could help you out !


http://skskeys.co.uk/products/product_d ... php?id=965


PM me if you wanted for Prices - and the Complete deal info .

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yes john and I was one of those that bought one, seem to remember getting a free cordless drill with it as well.

If only wanting to cut a few keys on site they are great, surprisingly easy to cut keys by hand power and as very simple can be changed from mortice to cylinder relatively quickley.


Wouldn't want to cut more than a handful of keys at a time though.



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