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Its not a case of control Danny, are you not thinking of a new shop? A company like Timpson or Tesco for that matter aren’t controlling, they are simply expanding.

Timpson don’t control me, in fact they have helped me in many ways over the years. Competitions simply raises standards & service for the consumer.

If you have an “independents” mind you won’t see this as a risk more as a strength. Its better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!

There are still more independents than multiples in this industry & its my view that as an industry we should all work together a little more than segregate. I stood at a local burger wagon this week chatting & having a laugh with the Lowestoft Timpson manager, it did neither of us any harm.



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We all have our own opinion on this subject some stronger than others.


I agree Timpson has helped this trade but has also done some harm. I would love to have a laugh and joke with our local Timpson staff but they make it very clear i'm not welcome anywhere near there shops :(


James and John are always welcome to pop in and see me and I might then not see them as the enemy.


I think this line of topic should stop here.


Sorry I know I started it but am finishing it to. :)

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