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sewing machine help

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if its moving freely for part of the cycle then locking it will be your top tension pickup adjustment, losen it off a little. Mine works free after a period of time & does the same if I haven't noticed it.




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Right, start with simple stuff before hammer.

1. remove shuttle and see if the driver part has some play in it (it should have) if stiff the problem is here.

2. loosen the stitch length adjuster and try again - these sometimes bend and cause the problem you have.

3. grab hold of the top bar as in picture and is there play in this? again should be if not may be the bar has seized

4. if handle is on the front, is there play in the pulley with the belt on - yep there should be

5. have a look at the bar from the pulley to the head and make sure there is no thread wrapped around it

6. remove the hand wheel and try again, grub screw in the side of the handwheel

7. try hammer

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Your problem with the siezed machine will more than likely arise from 1 of 2 locations,


Try these solutions.

1.Remove the Hand Wheel then you will see a few screws on the collar behind where the wheel was, remove the Screw and take off the collar along with the gear. check that all are free moving and then oil and put back in position with the oil hole at the top. so many of these machines have been fitted with the oil hole upside down so you tend to miss the oils maintenance. (if the gear arm was solid in the collar then you must free it).


2.Most probable cause is a tiny screw under the shuttle that holds the shuttle to the shuttle pinion, this can be seen at the rear of the arm. (follow a line accross the centre of the shuttle over the top and down the back of the arm with the needle plate removed, you will see a small hole level with the bottom of the arm through which you can see the screw).

This screw comes loose and jamms in the gearing of the rack, sometimes with an almighty bang that appears to come from the handle area, you think that the main gears have siezed because the machine will not budge.

Word of caution, if you need to take the plate off the botton of the arm do it with the arm in an upright position or bit will fall or spring out and you will not find them again, even if you find them you may not know how to put them back correctly.


Please be aware that it is many moons since i dismantled a patcher and am going from memory that is fading.

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thanks for the replies guys, the machine was fixed by a friend of ours who´s a bit of a spanner but great at mechanics and the like.


i don´t know what the fault was but when i return to work i´ll find out and let you know.


some great advice there fellas, it´s fantastic that even if i didn´t get to use your advice then at least it´s preserved for posterity and future reference.


regards, rick.

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