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SHOELACES! quality

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i have tried over the last 15 years or so to get 'proper' quality shoelaces.

now again i am finding that a quality lace from one of my suppliers to which in the past has been ok is now CRAP! seems to me that the wholesaler has started to buy from CHINA - or something like that...

which company would any of you recommend

without just sayin so...

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i don't really see the problem here.have you been on the site & compared prices from what you charge to what they charge,& remember the customer still has to pay postage & wait on them being delivered



I maybe old fashioned but I was brought up that, Wholesalers deal Wholesale and retailers deal with the end user.


How much money are they making, Charging the same money and missing you out?


Who's on a winner you or them? They are both ways.

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i understand what you're saying.however how many customers are really going to go on line to buy shoecare products if we as trade have the correct items in stock then we will get the custom before the wholesalers.it can be helpfull if you're asked for an unusual item to order 1 of it & pass the cost onto the customer

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have any of you had the problem with any of these people you recommend,

who supply supply a stand f.o.c. with their laces, and when they call you have somebody else's brand on?

then they have a go - you explain that you have had an order with another supplier for repair materials and didn't want to pay postage so it was tagged on to there order.

i used one of the people you recommened and this happened. i didn't sign any 'contract' tying me into there product.

i then booted them out!

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please do tell :lol:


i would've thought that most have a stipulation that the stands still belong to the wholesaler, they lend them to you on the proviso that you have a minimum order when applying for one and that you only display there goods. i've seen this somewhere in the past in one of our supplier's wholesale catalogues.





go on, tell us who you booted out :lol:

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thing is they supply a 'FREE' stand, if you pay for x amount of stock,

no contract, and then try to dictate what you put on it, but at the initial stage of the sale, no mention of there 'conditions' solicitors laugh there heads off at,

so when this 'joker' company decided to have a go at me, they never got nother order, also i kept the stand sold the stock and one of there competitors started laughing!

that was along time ago, i now sell blister pack - which i have had more complaints about 'snapping' than ever before, so am in process of changing to another lace company, (not yet found).

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you're right, many companies are buying various products from China ... and the quality decreases significantly. :(

Fortunately there are some companies that produce high quality products in Europe. Just ask companies where you buy to write "made in ..." on the product. If they write untruths, may have serious problems in case of controls.

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