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open ended zip

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slightley off topic

but this made me laugh

michael 26 when you spoke off ugg boots and not having seen/heard of them before and tofatbyabit trying to find a zip for polo boots and michael knowing all about riding boot zips that because we trade from all different areas we all get differebt types of jobs that are run of the mill everyday staples. for example about a year ago someone came to me with a riding boot for a zip to replace straight away i thought pants i can't take this on so passed them on to 1st class class shoe repairs website,

like the hand bag debate and danny not doing any stitching to alot of us that seems unreal.

others not wanting to do w-u-w's, alot of us worry about the leather soles we use while we all know of someone who would use cardboard if they could get away with it,one mate sees a leather sole every few months but he still has a busy shop.

also the comment if i don't do it some else will (minint and proud) i had the same thought when a dry cleaner approched me with trade work and this one worked out very good so remember chaps don't be blinkered go with the flow......

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