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Been getting a few people in with these Ugg-ly boots where the uppers have ripped,but they all seem to be getting them from Australia cos they're cheaper.Anyone know if these are fake,real or just inferior?

I know absolutely nothing about Ugg boots or where the originals are made.


Gonna buy meself a new darning needle, I may need it.. :lol:

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The originals were made in Uggsbekistan close to the border with Inner Mongolia. They were made from goat skin from the herds of the nomadic tribesmen in that region to keep out the cold. The design was taken from the boots worn for centuries by the Red Indian tribes of North America.


Having an awful lot of Sheep in Australia they pondered for years as to what use they could put all the spare skins to, as the market for Genuine sheepskin Bomer jackets at £400/£600 a time is very limited.


Great inroads have been made into selling part of the consignment to the Nomadic tribes known locally as Romanian Car Window Washers. The demand for "Shammy Leathers" outstrips supply in city centre locations and some budding entrepenours have been known to purchase UGG Boots to cut up into wash leathers as this can work out cheaper than purchasing ready made Shammy's.

Be very wary of Rumanian Windscreen Washers trying to sell you Ugg Boots as the uppers will have undoutedly been replaced with old shammies that tend to tear when being repaired. The customer will then say that they were genuine Uggs and cost a fortune.


You have been warned.

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Guest k@lsb

ive stiched many of these,they are poor quality,and hugh they do tear,was wandering what products are anyone recommending for cleaning and protecting these,as ive seen some very mixed results.

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My personal advice would to not offer a cleaning service.

some are good quality and will stand messing about with, others will tear, dont risk it.

Dont even tell the customer what to use unless its a product you sell.

Best cleaners are on the supermarket shelves, clear multi purpose kitchen cleaners, these get rid of dirt and grease and any other organic stains like blood,oil,chip fat,mushy peas, dog poo,beer etc. Just tell the customer that you use those products on your own shoes but dont recommend them as this is giving advice in the eyes of the law (in case anything goes wrong like tearing).(brush up with a suede brush when dry).

Any waterproofer and stain repellant should do the trick though I prefer the 3M products used for furniture(scotchguard).


Grainger products are also very good for cleaning and waterproofing though these I have only used for personal items.

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Have tried stitching these. Don't know if it's me but don't bother in my view.

Waste of time. Some even rip as your stitching them.

Keep getting these Samuel winsdor mens shoes, £50 buy one pair get one free in news of the world.

Welt stitching is about 4/3 inch apart and get anyhere near it with a scourer and the welt falls apart. :x

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I know it's not the proper way before I get ripped to shreds,but I blake these most of the time.Welts are such poor quality that they break up when outsoled.


You have to take each pair of shoes on their merit and decide how to go about repairing them, there is no right and wrong way to go about repairing those shoes that do not conform to expected standards.

If the customer is happy for the life of the sole then the method is correct for that one job.

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