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April 2008 - Stitchers

Which do you own?  

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How about including "Neither".

Just added a Neither option! I realised I had forgotten that one at 3am this morning!

What about patchers?
I originally included patechers, but then I ended up with so many combinations it ended up confusing so I dropped the option out!



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What a good marketing exersice, Lee almalgamates the results and Standard & Siserve pay £1000.00 for the print off to go and flog Stitching machines to those who do not have them :lol: :lol: .


HUGH YOU CLEARLY DON'T KNOW ME VERY WELL! I have a job thinking of questions to ask each month & this ones one of mine! if a company OR MEMBER wants to ask a question & I thought it would be interesting to use I WOULD TELL YOU BEFORE YOU ANSWERED.




I hope our sponsors are not offended by hughs, observations.


the results are not for sale




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Yeh I know Lee, it was done tongue in cheek on the spur of the moment thinking that you would see it that way. Never in a month of Sundays would I have thought that you would be flogging the results to Keith & Peter.


If you feel that others may not look at the situation in a way that it was intended then perhaps you would like to remove all references to it.


The Avatars of those posting at the Poll would have to have a true name & contact details for the Machinery Sales folk to engage in dialogue.

This of course would come under the legislation for The Data Protection Act and we know that you are very keen to uphold the Law.

This makes a nonesence of my post anyway but as I say remove it along with your comments if found unfit.

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