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Shape Cutting

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I've been asked to make some bespoke laminate door signs to go on kids bedroom doors.The customer wants some odd shapes made.How do you make these shapes,in your software or draw on paper and scan in.



This is a rough one I made yesterday out of scrap laminate just to show the customer.

I scanned in the shape using the door signs in Gravo's catalogue,but needs a lotn of tidying up and node editing.


What sort of price would you guys charge for something like this in a 1.5mm laminate, roughly 8" x 4"

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Because it's scanned the vectorised lines are not clean and I need to edit the nodes to straighten them.


My visual toolbox software doesn't have these functions, or at least I cant find them.I know the new software does have a weld function to join shapes but I cant afford £580 to upgrade at the moment.

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hi just tried to upload file but says not supported.

martins file just needs converting to wmf or ai file for visual toolbox to use it,

i find visual toolbox likes wmf more than ai on certain logos anyway.the lines come out tidy in wmf.

hope that helps

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