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we just go on to google images and type what character we want with outline behind it ie pooh bear outline then save as a jpeg it then will need vectorised in coral draw and saved as a eps file then you can import it to your engraving software. depending on the level of software you use you may be able to vectorise it in your engraving software we can.you realy need to be able to do this even for basic things like company logos once you have done a few it becomes very easyand second nature.


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I bet it's the same as the footy logos, you are supposed to get a license to replicate the logos but they cost loads (I did hear once the Man U logo was about 50k pa to use - not sure if that's right or not)


Never stops us if we're asked though. It's not often we do mind, but trades like ours aren't exactly competition for much in the grand scheme of things, I doubt they'd bother with us too much.


I have few Disney characters in engravable format if you'd like them. I think we have Micky, Woody from Toy Story, Donald and a few others, nothing special, but a few.

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Hi I just fought this might be of interest, you never know who is asking you to do the engraving.


An eBay fraudster who used covert identities to sell fake Manchester United goods through the online auction site has been jailed and ordered to return £70,000 to his victims.


Simon Edward Hurley from Coulsdon in Surrey was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on Friday to nine months' imprisonment and ordered to pay back £70,000 plus £8,000 costs within six months.


If Hurley fails to pay the money back, he faces a default sentence of a further two years in prison.


The counterfeit goods were first discovered following a raid on Hurley's key cutting and engraving premises by Trading Standards officers and the Metropolitan Police. In April, Hurley pleaded guilty to a total of 16 offences including the sale of money clips, cigarette lighters and tankers engraved with the Manchester United crest through eBay.


A subsequent investigation of Hurley's financial affairs by the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) found he sold more than 6,600 items for £104,500 between 18 March 2003 and 25 December 2003 - and that significant deposits into a number of bank accounts were not consistent with his modest legitimate income.


The ARA said Hurley has sufficient assets, including equity in his home, investments, a Porsche Boxster, a Ducati motorbike and a custom built Spondon Hayabusa motorbike, to pay the confiscation order.


Councillor Paul Smith, Croydon Council cabinet member for public protection and crime reduction, said in a statement: "This is a magnificent effort from Croydon Trading Standards officers, whose painstaking investigation has put an end to a criminal enterprise that was duping hundreds of innocent internet buyers who believed they were buying the real thing."

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i know i'm splitting hairs here but that chap who has just been imprisoned was selling items and claiming they were genuine goods from the manufacturer/logo owner.


this iis nowhere near the same league as engraving a logo onto someone's lighter, they can't be considered victims as they know what they're getting when they ask you to do the work.


i'm not saying it's legal or right still, just pointing out the difference in the way the law would perceive it.



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I think Graham was meaning that it never stops him playing with various logo's to fine tune his vectorising parameters. we all know it's illegal to engrave club logo's on items [-X


Exactly what I meant, I'm always tinkering :D


The ebay guy's a bit stupid, you don't do something you know is illegal and stick it all over one of the most popular sites on the net.

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First of its worth understanding WHAT laws we are breaking by reproducing such logos.

We are breaking copyright & trademark laws with logos.


Copyright covers


art, including paintings, engravings, photographs, sculptures, collages, architecture, technical drawings, diagrams, maps and logos


We are also in most cases breaking the Trade Marks Act 1994


Collectively the term used for such design protection, is called the intellectual property rights.


It is sometimes possible to use someone else's intellectual property (IP). You will usually need to get permission, but this may not be necessary if you are using the IP for research, or the rights have expired or are no longer in force.


A number of exceptions allow limited use of copyright works without the permission of the copyright owner. These uses are known as fair dealing and particular care should be taken if you are looking to rely on an exception.


Many companies don’t worry to much about the reproduction of there logos as it helps increase brand recognition, but others licence out their designs & this brings in a massive amount of revenue for them.



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Can I upload the cartoon characters I have or would you rather not have them on the board?


Also, I've zipped them up as there's 36 of them, but the uploads doesn't accept zip files - is there a way to mass upload or does it have to be done one file at a time?



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