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hi, those Bloody Disney keys are a pain in the A***!

why oh why didn't those key manufacturers make them on a SIX pin?

most keys we cut these days are on a SIX pin...

we would have sold 3 times as many if - SIX PIN!

so if you are reading this and can make a difference - SIX PIN!


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:D We have also taken on this range now to. :D






If you are after a 6 pin key Fashion style key don't for get the cool key range. as per this following link.


These can be supplied either on 5pin or 6pin - whatever you want.


http://skskeys.co.uk/products/index.php ... =COOL+KEYS

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Hope this list is of help ..





U-5D D1 U-5D Vintage Mickey Mouse Key Blank UL1-D1


U-5D D10 U-5D Nemo Key Blank UL1-D10


U-5D D18 U-5D Princesses Key Blank UL1-D18


U-5D D2 U-5D Mickey Mouse Key Blank UL1-D2


U-5D D21 U-5D Kermit Novelty Key Blank UL1-D21


U-5D D22 U-5D Kermit & Piggy Novelty Key Blank UL1-D22


U-5D D23 U-5D Fozzie Novelty Key Blank UL1-D23


U-5D D24 U-5D Animal Novelty Key Blank UL1-D24


U-5D D3 U-5D Minnie Mouse Key Blank UL1-D3


U-5D D4 U-5D Tinkerbell Key Blank UL1-D8


U-5D D5 U-5D Toy Story Key Blank UL1-D18


U-5D D6 U-5D Mickey & Friends Key Blanks UL1-D6


U-5D D7 U-5D Tigger Key Blank UL1-D7


U-5D D8 U-5D Winne The Pooh Key Blank UL1-D8


U-5D D9 U-5D Eeyore Key Blank UL1-D9







U-5D E10 U-5D Elvis Love Me Tender Key Blank UL1-E10


U-5D E4 U-5D Elvis On Stage Novelty Key Blank UL1-E4


U-5D E5 U-5D Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Key UL1-E5


U-5D E6 U-5D Elvis Easy Come Easy Key Blank UL1-E6


U-5D E7 U-5D Elvis Kissing Cousins Key Blank UL1-E7


U-5D E8 U-5D Elvis Happened Worlds Fair Key UL1-E8

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