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fan motor for a lynx

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Let me guess, the company who hasn't got one is the cheepest :twisted: :twisted:


I have that all the time, "O' its a £1 cheeper in the market" Why didn't you buy from there then "He hasn't got any" come back here when I've got none then :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: I'll order you one, but it'll be 3 weeks :)


It costs money to have a good back up of stock, for the convienience of your customers, whether your retail or wholesale.

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Glad you are sorted, just for information we used to get motors rewound and sell them cheaper than new but this just proved to be a false economy. Whether buying new or second hand customers expect a good warranty but 1ph motors cannot be always be repaired successfully. In very rare cases we have to repair motors (irreplaceable sizes) but avoid it. We charge a price such that we are happy to provide this warranty and to help cover stocking costs and make a profit, hopefully anyway.


If a customer finds the price too much comparing is an excellent way of saving money, you can also buy cheap motors from screwfix and machine mart although double ended scouring motors are special, fan motors are fairly standard. beware though cheap means cheap. :smt023

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