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RW3 - How Much??

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I wouldn't like to say prices on here and obviously the RW4 has superceeded the RW3 now, but our last selling price for the RW3 in 2006 was under £700

Hope this helps.

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Does anyone know what I should expect to pay for a second hand RW3. :shock: Thanks...


If you can get one CHEAP - you can upgrade it to an " RW4 " for around £330 ish (Just for the upgrade)


So - You could say - maybe pay around £300 for a 2nd hand RW3 :!:

So in Total with the Upgrade to an RW4 it will cost around £600 - £650 .




Before you do - have a look at this as it may interest you . . .



http://skskeys.co.uk/products/product_d ... php?id=997

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