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Why is ordering so difficult

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Just ordered some stuff from a well known supplier of engraving machines and gifts.

Went on there website picked the goods I want including a rotating display, Went to checkout changed delivery address. Went to finish and then they tell you you have to pay upfront there is no place to enter your account number :twisted:


They also don't tell you what there carriage terms are and when you get to check out it is some bizarre amount. :twisted:


So I redo my order and e-mail them making sure I tell them the delivery address I want it to go to.


That was on Monday and yes guess what they have sent it to the wrong address :twisted:


So I now have to pay carriage on the goods and also go and pick the stuff up from the wrong shop.


Do these guys want customers :cry:

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Well Uk, It was there mistake got the e-mail order here with the details on. O and no phonecall so I guess they don't want to improve customer relations :evil:


So instead of going home to see my son. I'm having to drive to the other shop pick up the stuff and bring it back here, Thats after I walk home and get the car. All because someone didn't bother to read an e-mail.

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Guest Iain Cheall

I like it when I get stuff I haven't even ordered, phone them "oh sorry we will have it collected and don't worry it's not showing on your account" item is collected then you get a bill for it :evil:


I wouldn't mind so much but I have just got the account sorted out after the last time this happened, that took me from the cutting edge show until after trophex to get sorted out. :roll:

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