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Gravograph pantograph in need of tlc

Guest Thimble

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Guest Thimble

I'm in need of some advice please.


I bought a second hand pantograph engraving machine (gravograph IM3 or IF :oops: not sure which :oops: ) 3 years ago. I don't know how old the machine is either.


Problem is i've just gained an order for a few tags from members of a dog club to get them through an award they are going for but my machine has decided it doesn't want to help!


The motor is playing up, making odd noises the belt isn't keeping to a continuous speed and to top it all the cutter broke, so can't do it manually now either. :cry:


Other than sending the machine to Lemington Spa to probably end up in the Gravograph museum or condemned are there independant mechanics/engineers that service machines like this? I'm on the Hampshire/Sussex border.


In the meantime a friend will be engraving the tags for me so there goes my bonus :smt089


Any help will be greatfully recieved.


Thank you O:)

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Guest Thimble

Thank you ...


I wouldn't know what the brushes looked like even if they bit me! It says in the manual that carbon brushes can easily be changed so does sound like you are on the right lines.


Brilliant, there is hope for the machine then! :D

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Hi Thimble,

You've got a few options here; as your quite close to me (i'm in Basingstoke). You could bring the machine down to me and I could service it while you wait, new brushes new belts, general 'mot' and show you how to set it up.

Secondly, you could post the motor to me and I could check it over for you and send it back.

Thirdly; You could leave the machine with me for servicing, and borrow a good one for a small returnable deposit, until yours is ready for you.


Or, you could bring it to me and PX it for a more up to date one. 8)


Here to help



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Guest Thimble

Thank you Andy for your advice.


I know i'm daft but i'm not that daft! :roll:


I think it would be better if I get someone who knows what they are doing to look at it, it will need a good service etc. as well as the new parts. As i said i've had the engraver three years and it hasn't been serviced during my ownership and I don't know how well the previous owner did for servicing it either.


So Martin I may be taking you up on your offer in the near future, Basingstoke is less than an hour from me. I was there the other Saturday watching my team Havant and Waterlooville FC beat Basingstoke for the first time ages! I'd rather bring it than post it. It has survived one trip in the post not sure It could survive another! :lol: Next problem will be organising the trip up as Monday to Friday I work in a secondary school. I'll P.M you and we can try and arrange something.


What i do need to know now though is ordering cutters ... where is the best/cheapest place to get them and how do i know i'm ordering the correct thing :oops:


No i'm not blonde, just inexperienced in these matters. I saw on someone's post they have IM3 parts etc for sale, but not totally sure if mine is that one or not. I'll try and get a pic of my engraver and maybe someone can identify which model it is!


Thank you all for your help and advice



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