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Engraving medal's

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I keep getting asked to engrave medals... (outside edge) does anyone know the best way to tackle this?


I had a look at one a few weeks back but could not grip it in the vice as it was not flat.


Only way I see it is to do it in small sections, setting the machine to curved items.


Is there some special machine that does these?

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Guest Iain Cheall

I have just done (this morning) a Palestine medal around the outside edge for a guy.


I hate doing them but persevere doing countless slow air jobs(cutter not touching but close) aligning the margins until I am happy.


Then go for it praying I dont cock up some war vets hard earned medal.


have done 2 in total ( including this one) and I am 2 for 2 up to now but I hate them.


By the way I use a gravo IS400 Volume

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Guest Iain Cheall

I've got some of that tape and don't like it or trust it especially on something curved like the edge of a medal....I would rather waste 5 -10 mins doing it my way.


for a blank what i did was get an old half crown scour the edge flat and used that :lol:

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