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mock leather welting

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this may seem like a dumb question but it's a technique that's plagued me for years :oops:


what method do you find the best for applying mock leather welting to an upper?

no matter which way i've tried in the past i always encounter adhering problems regardless of the solution i use.


cheers, rick.

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It may be that it is not entirely your fault, Much of Mock Welting is made from reconstituted Leather particles and as such is prone to delamination of the particles. The original glued layer stays put but the rest comes away.


Please note that this does not apply to Rubber/PVC/PU or Gen solid leather Mock welts.

This of course only covers one aspect, there may be more such as Adhesive and End User problems.(especially if working in a commercial kitchen etc).

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i shoulda si=tated my post more clearly :oops:

it's only when i'm refitting the original that it happens.


i've cleaned the area to be stuck thoroughly with a bit of sixty or 80 grit rolled into a nice tight tube and then primed it and still i have to spend ages resticking or applying more adhesive :?

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