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they're back


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anyone got this today?



Am Mr,Darius Morgan From Morgan and sons ltd and i will like to order for Some (Trophies ) And i want You to Email Models that You carry in stock as well as their Price Ranges.What types of payments do You accept?Thank You and waiting for You Reply asap.




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I said to DARIUS "cash only, get lost"


Thank You Mike for the soon reply.Yes i want order them.I will appreciate if You send me a catalogue of so i can determine how many i will like to order.Thank You and waiting





now he's called Mark and I'm Mike. :smt102


maybe if I treat all my customers like this I will be rolling in money :smt101


well at least it's a change from all the viagra emails I've been getting :oops:

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This is an email I had the other day.



Dear sir/Ma

I got your contact while i was trying to search for my need, i need to order your 12" x 24" .025" Bright Gold Aluminum Sheets i need 1200 units.Kindly let me know the cost. here is my delivery address As soon as you get back to me with the total cost.i want it ship by percel force or parcel line.or city link express.you can reach me at my number for any question regarding this order 07031847890.


invoice address

Unit 25 Heathrow International Tradeing Estate,

Green Lane ,Hounslow, Middelesex , TW4 6HB , UK

delivery address


Tk cargo

Unit E1 Tynon Trading Estate,

Cody Road , London . E16 4SP

United Kingdom .


i will farword you my cc details to process for payment.confirm this and get back to me as soon possible so that we both move farword in this matter.

Your anticipated response is higly awaited.

Morgan smith




My response was simply asked for a cleared bankers draft prior to me ordering them - guess what heard nothing since.

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Guest Iain Cheall

Got a good one today


Good Day..,


With regards on the matter above, I am Malik Watdah, the personal aid to the late former Pakistan Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto. Two consignments containing 46 Million Euros for election campaign purposes were supposedly moved from Dubai to Pakistan through a Security Company. Due to the sudden and untimely death of the former Prime Minister, shipment of the consignments was put off by my order. At this very moment, the consignments are held in Malaysia. I am currently in London.The shipment of these consignments was and still is confidential. The knowledge of this information is only known to four close confidantes of the late Ms Bhutto. I am coming to you in confidence and Iâ?Tm counting on your discretion in this highly sensitive issue. I was assured that you are a person of high credibility and standing.


Hence, I need you to be our representative in claiming the consignments from the security company. The shipment was sent under a pseudonym as the late Ms Bhutto wanted to maintain anonymity. However, none of us can claim these consignments as it would incur an unpleasant situation with the current â?~figure of powerâ?T in Pakistan.

I will provide all necessary documentation for you as representative. A Power of Attorney will be drafted in your name legally.


Upon agreement, we have come to a conclusion that 40% will be a handsome compensation for your confidentiality, kindness and willingness in assisting us. One part of the money will be used to start up the Bhuttoâ?Ts People Foundation as a tribute to the amazing and charismatic Ms Benazir Bhutto. I hope you would be able to consider and accept our proposition. Further information or queries would be answered through email for the time being for security purposes and as soon as Iâ?Tm able to acquire a secure phone line. I am looking forward towards your urgent reply. Thank you.



You may reach me on my email at : malikwatdah@live.com or call me on : +447031860180




Yours faithfully,


( Malik Watdah )



straight into the bin me thinks


actually I might email him and tell him I want at least 50% lol

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two more to look for...

My name is Rev.Roland Moore and am interested in ordering soccer trophies and can you email me with the prices of Male bh103 Male basketball 6", 24/cs. and male bh109 Male soccer 8",21/cs. and if you don't have that Type then email me with the Type and size that you have in stock now .Let me know if you do take a surcharge when accepting either master cards or visa.




Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr.George Williams and i will like order Trophies.However,I`ll like to know the types and prices that you have in stock and also the type of Credit Card that you accept as a method of payments.

Counting on your kind support and usual co-operation and please don`t hesitate to reply me back as soon as possible.

Best Regards

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