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Brass Bell

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Help Please :cry:


Customer just brought in a Brass Bell to be engraved but the top is not flat,it's arched slightly so the rotary clamp wont sit flat therefore not grip tight enough.


Any Ideas quickly as this needs to be done by Thursday :roll:


Michael, when you clamp the bell between your cones, make sure you put the large end of the bell at the motorised end of your cylindrical device, the other end, as long as you've cpmpressed the cones tightly enough will follow the motorised ends lead.

Hope that makes sense.....if not give me a call.

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Thats the dogs, mate. Well done.

Its nice to see someone taking on a job like this and having the confidence to engrave it.

Goes to show there's more to Shoe Repairers' engraving than just badges and pet discs. I wish more repairers would have this confidence.



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I have engraved a few of these in my time. they are about six feet long and are used on oil rigs. they are drilled from end to end and through the sides. they apparently averaged about 250 hours to manufacture, at a cost of 10 grand each. the engraving was the last operation. Now that kept me awake at night. then again so do annuals...... :roll:

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In a previous job, I had to engrave serial numbers on stainless steel parts used in the medical trade. They were used to identify what patient had which particular piece inserted into them. Ranged from knee replacements to hip sockets, all sorts. Weird, my engraving walking around in someone!

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