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Ink wastage!!

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This is the only sample that I could lay my hands on, hope you can see what I'm trying to say.


In this image you can see the pouring hole at the bottom and the black arrows where the air pocket at the top is and the force of the contents inside moving forward represented by the single long arrow. This would mean that the contents come out faster than you can sometimes cope with when the container is used for the first few times.

Now notice the difference in this following picture.


The pouring spout is at the top and the air pocket is also at the top, as the contents are below the pouring opening there will be no surge of contents on each pour.

(the air pocket is not really in the indicated area but is in the top of the container).


Hope this solves the problem of my previous post that could not be understood.

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For the sake of sounding a thicky, what's "Dragons Den" and what era was it on, I presume it was on the TV!!


By the way I've been using this method since they stated to put Adhesive in "Gallon" containers that were not centre filled, probably more than 45 years. I fathomed it out after getting a surge of Glue all over my Jeans because I was not wearing a long white coat at the time due to young females being in the vicinity. Taught me a lesson though. Took me ages to shrink another pair of Jeans in the bath while wearing them. Then I had to put zips in the sides of the leg bottoms so they would go over my shoes. :wink:

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Dragon Den is indeed a tv programme with a series finishing in last couple of months.Basically 5 multi-millionaire investors have inventors and entrepreneurs put business ideas to them looking for investment.Some bloke came up with this pouring invention and Peter showed the way to pour it as you described, p***ing on his invention :)

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