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Victor stitching thread

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Has anyone else heard the rumour that the cops of Victor stiching thread in 6 and 7 cord reverse twist are to be discontinued and you will have to use a thread called Neverstrand, to use this thread you have to make an adjustment to your thread tension bar ( whatever that is :lol: )

if its true does anyone know the procedure to alter the thread tension.


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balls of thread for the victor are extremely difficult to get now, you are correct. you can put nylon thread on instead and occasionally it works ok but again you are correct about adjusting the machine but adjust the thread lock.

because nylon thread is flat and smoother it needs better locking to pull the shuttle thread down properly (stick to pre waxed linen thread in the shuttle NOT nylon)

i havent got photos at the moment but the adjustment is a little lever just inside the hand wheel. it has a locking nut on it which is accessible by using the needle screw tool and passing it through the hand wheel to loosen the nut. move the lever - towards you i think - lock the nut and try stitching again. keep making adjustments little by little until you are happy with it.

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Look through the Hand Wheel from the side and you will see a round thin bar protruding upwards(not the flat bar). to the left at the bottom is a square headed bolt.

Slacken the bolt about 1 full turn then pull the lever toward you to increase the lock on the thread. You only need to increase the lock by the thickness of the thread each time you try it as you are compensating for a difference in thread only. Secure the square bolt after each attempt.


The square bolt can be loosened by use of the "T" bar tool for undoing the needle clamp bolt or alternatively a spanner to fit.

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The reason you have to adjust the brake(and you would have to do this if changing the number of strands you use) is that Neverstrand or "Polyester" is not a made from stands twisted together to form a solid mass, it is woven like a sock with a hollow centre. when compressed by the brake it goes flat instead of being round like the conventional thread.


Dont forget to use a lubricant as this thread wears rollers faster than Linen.

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