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Reviewing engraving prices, and once again I wish I could price engraving, the same as a garage operates servicing charges. Advertise full service £120, then when the customer picks up the car there is the bill, listing parts & labour and totalling £320, and the customer pays it.


I have tried to change my pricing to reflect modern pc engraving, but have been thwarted. Others must have the same problems, how do you deal with them:


1. The customer will not move away from “how much per letter is engravingâ€

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Hi Janner


A cracking first post & one which I am sure will stir a few thoughts. If you click on downloads on the navigation bar you will find under information this years price survey which has only just been completed.

Although this doesn't answer your topic it does help us all gauge our prices in line with the rest of the country.


Anyway what am I doing on the forum! I've only come back to work to complete a small task on my books as its the end of year, for me this week.



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