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Tricky one......

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Had a girl in today who wanted a zip replacing in her boot. The old zip looked like someone had tried to rip it out with a pair of mole-grips!!

Looking at the boot a little closer i noticed it had been soled and heeled but the repair has not been walked on.

After chastising the punter for going somewhere else ("Oh my Mum took 'em") , and not being in the habit of turning away twenty five quid's worth of stitching job, i took the it in.


When i had a closer look at the 'repair' i thought, "Fuck me, that's rubbish."

Superglue everywhere, edge finished with a key file type of job.


Then i wondered why the zip wasn't repaired before the sole/heel job? Unless the girl was really unlucky and the zip went the first time she tried them on after repair.


Do i tell her the original repair is rubbish and to take it back as the word 'guaranteed' is stamped all over it. Do i say the repair will shorten the life of the boot and she may not get vfm from my job?


I have her number and will try and find out exactly how the zip bust. Nut whatever happens i fear i'll be refunding her deposit.


What would you do ??

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I've seen this scenario many times, repaired else where. then brought to me to do the "real" work.

Do the job in the knowledge the consumer will be confident in your abilities & disappointed with her regular repairer. you won't need to sell her VFM she'll already know the difference between you & her old repairer.


She'll be back :wink:



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You must be aware that court action could follow a slagging of opposition Bren.


My course of action would be to expain all the things that you consider to be not of merchantable quality (you have to be carefull with your words).

If she is having the zip done ask to see the other zip to see if that is on its way out!!!

if you charge is high enough to cover the cost of refinishing or bringing the shoes to a commercially acceptable level then tell her what you propose and that it will be free of charge. You get a customer for life.


A few different ways of looking at this situation and some would say dont touch them, but here is your opportunity to stand above the opposition.

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If a customer tells me that shoe repairs are cheaper up the road, I tell em exactly what they get up the road, and what they get here...............


Whether thats wrong or right I don't know, but the guy up the road loves telling his customers he's the cheapest, I just tell em why he is.. :twisted:




Up the road.................Even the riveted waist couldn't save this attempt of a job :smt078




At Planets place......

Its unfair to let your customer be hoodwinked over price:o

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tell her whatever you think if the last repairer done shite job tell her your entitled to your own opinion thats why we love england due to our freedom of speech and if somes one wants to take you to court for saying thats a shite job so be it.


You are indeed entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to make slanderous statements to others, either verbally or in text. Contrary to popular opinion this country is not the haven for free speech as it once was.

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again, i ask: how far up the waist is the join on that crap looking repair? :shock:

i don't think a whole row of tubular rivets woulda held that join, it's right on the stress point :roll:


Had these in this morning.................Riveted, but still they're W**k






Can't believe 36% on here do this.............and they are still coming away :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Well the customer sent her dad to pick up the job and i expressed my concerns (didn't slag anyone off).

All i could get out of dad was, "She's gooing away tomorrow and needs boot."

So i took his address, did zip in half an hour then delivered it on Sunday morning. The girl was over the moon and i left with a warm bacon butty and a warmer glow in my heart.


"Oh City we love you........"

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