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Custom made shoes - have you ever....?

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I have made many for myself, colleagues and International Superstars.

I still have the lasts for doing my own shoes but I cant make formal shoes as good as those I buy from Cheaney and the like. The cost in time alone does not justify the end result. Unless of course you are doing this as a permanent 9-5 job.

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I have done a few pairs, but need to practise a lot more to be able to sell them. I want top quality so i can charge a fair price.


Everyday work take all time ,so there are not any time over to do

what i would love to do. (don`t take it wrong, i love repairing also)


This is actually what i want to do...full time.

In the future i hope it will come true........

If we had a bigger place, could find more staff, (VERY hard to find)

then maybe, just maybe......


Anyone interested in working i Stockholm? :D


Have a look:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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The reason I ask is the the gents on here seem so close to doing it in terms of some of the complete re-buids. As I see it there is a stronger demand now for classic bespoke mens shoes. The internet has opened up the market to a wider audience. Do some google searching.... I just wondered of anyone on the forum was doing it as a side-line.....


Hugh will have an opinion on my point - I'm sure...



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Sure have cad, There is not a bigger demand for the footwear, just a growing interest in finding the type of construction that has been the industries standard over the biggest part of a century.


Interest and inquisitiveness do not add up to the volume sales that the manufacturers need for a production run that is profitable.


The need for a bespoke service will always be there for those who can 1. Afford it. 2.Be prepared to wait. 3. Cannot get off the peg shoes to fit.


There are many in the UK who fulfill this demand and fortunaely for them they are kept very busy, therefore they do not need to advertise.

There are at least 3 on this very forum.


Handmade however does not mean better. A Bespoke shoe made by a volume manufacturer on Lasting and Welting machinery to the standard of a high priced retail shoe is a very different article and should not be confused with a Hand~made shoe.


There will of course always be the exception to the rule :wink:

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