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Guest lee.

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Can anyone offer any advice , i am looking for an inexpensive doming system that we can use to make small 25mm printed logos with a nice domed acrylic type top on them , you know what i mean , similar to trophy centres.

Been asked if we can produce small batches of personalised keyfobs , we normally hot foil , but this means a minimum of 100 to cover the cost of the printing plate,unless they just want text , which we can do from our extensive collection of printing type.

I am sure someone has gone down this road before , and am willing to learn from your experiences of which may be the best system to use , failing that does anyone have a system which they would be prepared to use to make just the centres for us .

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Thanks for the advice so far , remember asking my Rep from a well known wholesaler to get me some details on the Ezeebadge system , remember it being on there monthly offer sheet , still waiting !!! , but then again it has only been 8 months

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Looks like your rep never passed on your details to me. However, if you are interested in Ezebadge, give me a call tomorrow and I'll have a chat about its good points and its bad points. Either that or pm me your number and i'll phone you.



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Guest Iain Cheall

I think it's version 2


You should have got the upgrade discs if you had the original version free from ezebadge.


I have had some decent orders and regularly do 25mm centres for one off trophies with it. It's definately paid for itself.


Like Lee says there is a little mess on with setting it up but once done its plain sailing. All you need is an inkjet printer (lazer printers turn the paper brown as it's similar to photo paper) and a pc.

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No, were trophy retailers/engravers extraordinaire :D


I'm not sure where it came from tbh, I saw it lying around yesterday when I was painfully trying to line up centres in Corel and thought it was a good offer that could save my agony.


I'm not even sure where it is now, it's been lost again in a mass of paper, I'll have to just call to order it.

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