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Taking the pee

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Had a customer brought in a pair of boots in for heels after she had left the shop one of the lads put them on the last then hammered the heel on then he called me over and asked were all the water had come from it was all over him I took the boot off him and a bottle fell out it was only her urine sample I p*ssed myself laughin, when the customer come back we told her what had happened she wasnt happy she said I will have to wait till tomorrow now to take another sample in to the doctors.Has anyone else found anything interesting in a customers shoe or boots I have loads of more to tell :D

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We found a polysterine star ornament in a ladies' knee-high boot once. Her son made it for her and put it inside without her knowing.


Once, we got some motorcycle leathers in that needed a patch on the bum seam and the leather was really dry around the area. So my boss told me to put some leather cream on it before I patched it, to soften it up a bit. Anyway, I started to work in the cream and got to the middle where the hole was and to my surprise, after putting my hands all over this area I found a huge brown stain coming from the inside lining. "Oh my God! Ali, what is this?" I said in horror. He came over to have a look, he then looked at me with an odd expression and then broke out in a fit of laughter. It then dawned on me what it was..... SHIT! (Please forgive the bad language)

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