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Naumkeg origins

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Naumkeg (naumkeag) meaning:


actually 2 words deriving from the original power unit one shaped like a beer barrel or keg


when first seen in england the power man was asked what it was called and thinking on his feet said mmmmmm a ummm keg. this was written down wrongly as naumkeag.


is this good enough to win the beer and i promise to find out the real origin :?

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The original word is from the dialect of the North American Red Indian tribes . Renouned for their cobbling Moccasins together though there is no connection:wink:


Ilooked this up as well but it actually means "fish land" i think :?


Couldn't put the link to shoe repair machines so gave up and looked at some nude ladies instead 8)

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Naumkeg/s was in fact the 1st Red Indian to develop the loin cloth slung under the crotch and tied around the waist.


This is where the saying "Get your Kegs off" originates from and was attributed to the married couple Norm & Norma Keg, 3rd teepee on the right after Mac Donalds.



Seriously, I got the answer of my old pal who has been in the trade longer than I some of you may have heard of him of seen him at the last Exhibition he goes by the name of Nebyou-Canezzer, honestly.

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